More than just a deep pressure massage this is an advanced manual therapy practice with the goal of restoring flexibility, improving your posture, enhancing your balance, and increasing your movement. This advanced form of massage should not be confused with the typical "deep tissue massage". Therapeutic Bodywork is a careful blending of highly specialized techniques designed to achieve results in as little time as possible. After making a thorough assessment of your physical condition and goals, your posture and movement patterns are analyzed and a plan is tailored specifically to fit your needs.  This type of bodywork benefits those who want to enhance their current performance as well as those who are suffering from chronic issues. This series of bodywork is geared for those who are looking for truly lasting improvements in their health and their relationship with their body.   

This goal-oriented manual therapy practice has deep roots in Advanced Myofascial Therapy,  Neuromuscular Therapy, Mind/Body Balancing, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, and Positional Release. We seek to also address the underlying conditions attributing to your issues. These underlying conditions are often the factors that make certain types of discomfort and pain persistent, nagging, and difficult to get rid of.   

Because of the full scope of issues addressed by our Therapeutic Bodywork it is performed over a series of sessions to fully accommodate the changes that will occur in your body. Sessions typically last between 60 and 120 minutes. Longer sessions may be necessary at first as the "envelope" of your body is unbound to accommodate deeper work.   

These sessions span 60 - 120 min. 

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