Stress, Headaches, Neck Pain and Back Pain can all be indicators of chronic issues. People with chronic issues are often reduced to the sum of their symptoms. Our approach seeks to address the cause of your issues. By not simply "chasing the pain" we look at your situation from a whole body perspective. Chronic pain can be alleviated within 4-8 weekly sessions.  

If working on the part of your body that hurts helps your issues temporarily but the pain keeps returning there is a good chance that there is more going on that is contributing to the persistent discomfort you are experiencing than just the pain in that area. You are recognizing discomfort in a spot because it is making the most "noise". Until you work with someone who looks past this "noise" the underlying cause of your problems are never addressed leaving you in a cycle of "chasing the pain" without ever actually addressing the cause your problems.       

We also work with Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and other health care providers as needed to get you to the best results possible.